Since my childhood in rural Australia – taking joy in helping my father on the farm, and absorbing a love for nourishing, home-cooked food from my mother – I’ve been passionate about caring for others. I found my calling as a doula through reflecting on my own experiences as a parent of four, from the amazing highs of hearing my babies babble and laugh to the devastating low of losing a much-wanted child at 22 weeks of pregnancy. I often think that having a calm, caring person to be my lighthouse through those stormy times would have been a blessing, and that’s what I now strive to be for every family I work with, whatever their circumstances.

As both an experienced mother and an experienced birthing partner, I view the last weeks of pregnancy and the first weeks of a child’s life as an amazing opportunity to lay foundations for positive parent/child relationships for many years to come. Encouraging and empowering mums and dads during this special time is my heart’s work.